Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update from Camp 1

(FYI: This update is from Mike S - Bob's SAT phone mechanism for posting updates to the blog is apparently not working, so I am relaying Bob's thoughts here from a phone call he made to me just a short while ago.)

Bob called from Camp 1 this afternoon - 15,300 feet above sea level. Everything is going well and aside from a few headaches (expected at altitude) everyone remains healthy! 

Today the team carried gear and supplies up to Camp 2 at 17,200 feet, then returned to Camp 1 to sleep. Tomorrow will be a rest day, then on Wednesday they will move everything up to Camp 2. Bob expects that will be a heavier carry than today was.

The team moved up from Base Camp (13,100 feet) 2 days ago. They had donkeys to carry gear up to that point, but since then the team has carried everything themselves.The food has been good, Bob reports - including delicious steaks at Base Camp.

Bob said that it is very windy - winds up to 46 knots. Temperatures have gone as low as -19 degrees C (-2 degrees F) during the night but have been a balmy 38 degrees F during the day.

They are climbing on glacier right now. Bob said that the good news is that the one large scree field ahead of them is still covered with snow so that will make the travel easier. It will also mean less rockfall - Bob dodged one big microwave-sized rock this afternoon - no blood, no foul.

The team has been working well together. No cliques, no problem children - Bob says he is enjoying the climb and doing well. Everyone is on task to summit according to schedule.  Stay tuned for future updates - Bob said he will call in a report every day or two.

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  1. Mom said good to hear from Bob on the Sat phone today...he sounds great and will call her on Christmas and when he reaches the summit !!You go Bob!! Good Luck and God Bless...and thanks Mike for updating the Blog site !! MB