Sunday, December 27, 2009

High Camp

Bob called in this afternoon to report that everyone made it to high camp at 20,650 feet above sea level. Hurrah!  He said that the climb up today was pretty hard. They carried heavy loads up to Camp so that they did not have to do a double carry. There was a lot of wind again and there were some steep sections across some snow and ice fields where they had to use their crampons and ice axes and it was just a bit tricky climbing, but everyone did fine. Camp is set up on a very exposed plateau, all rock and dirt, pretty windy.

Bob said he was tired from the day, but he did not have a headache and his legs felt strong. All good.

Bob said the team was not sure if they would go for the summit tomorrow or not. The wind was pretty strong this evening, and the weather forecast called for continued, maybe even increased, strong winds tomorrow. The winds are supposed to die down on Tuesday and Wednesday, so they may decide not to climb tomorrow and just take a rest day and wait for a nice day to walk to the top. They probably won't decide until they get up at 5 AM and judge the weather at that moment. Bob was getting his gear together to be ready to go, just in case, but as we spoke, he gave it a less than 50% chance that they would actually go for the summit tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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  1. Go Bob Go !! Your #1 fan turned 8 this morning; he thinks you deserve a present too ... summit baby !