Sunday, December 13, 2009

The schedule

Tomorrow morning we will go to the Cambrio and change our money so we can then go to the permit office to pay for and pick up our climbing permits. After that we will check out of our comfy hotel in Mendoza and go to Pententantes, I think that is the Hotel name. At that point we will get our gear together for the mountain. We will load the mules up with our gear for base camp and start our 30 mile 3 day trek into base camp.

We will cross rivers as high as 3 feet and travel the rocky ground in 88 degree temps. After that we will work our way up the mountain slowly but surley.

The team seemed to click very quickly and everyone is getting along great. The most important thing is to have a great team. On a trip like this, 20 days sleeping on the ground eating out of cups and using bags for the restroom, you need to get along well with your climbing partners.

I cannot wait to start our trek. The actual walking begins Wednesday morning.

The photos will be less, so I wont seem like a Tweeting nerd, but I wanted you to see what I am seeing here, as much as possible.

Talk to you soon, time to sort gear and get some rest.

Climb High, Dont Die tm


  1. liking the tm after the slogan. keep it going.

  2. are you really pooping in a bag the whole way up? No cat holes? Who carries the poop out and when?