Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leaving Pentententis. 8 mile hike 1,500 elevation gain until camp one, maybe 4 or 5 hours. Will switch to sat phone for updates. All is well team is healthy and happy. Sunny and nice out again, no wind.


  1. Good to see everyone is happy and healthy ! Have a wonderful time, but stay away from the ski slopes, okay ?? I wouldn't want you do do anything unsafe..
    Keep the updates coming !
    Your Favorite sister,

  2. Everything sounds great! The next three days will be divine, enjoy them. Once you pull your gear off the mule and put it on your back...not so much!! Hope the sat phone works, am enjoying your blogs. Be safe.

  3. Remember the mantra: "No true adventure is fun while it's happening!"

    Scott, your Everest buddy