Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mark and I were in the podium

Well we did it, took 5th in our team age group, 6 minutes behing 4th
place. Maybe if I did not have those 3 hard falls we might have caught
them. The next one will be better with a little practice.

It was a great event, looking for the next one.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holy Cow

We are in fifth place, had no idea. This is the first time I have rode
a mountain bike in 15 years. Mark has not ridden in about 5. Feeling
good about what we have done so far.

No matter what the outcome this has been a great day.

There are a few rough spots where you have to dismount. There is also
a huge puddle up high that has turned into a lake. When I ride through
it now, half of my crank is under water.

Chillin again while Mark is hammering.


Chillin after my lap

The race started

Cranky Monkey

2 laps down. Mark and I did both first laps in one hour, it was a bit
rough. I am waiting at our staging area because is out there doing
another lap. There are some great views, hills, mud, rocks. If I was
ever wondering why they call this rocky gap, now I know.

The people are all really cool and fun, tunes are jammin, grills are
grilling, pedals are hammering.

It's the Cranky Monkey, 9 solid hours of biking. Mark and I are a team
so he rides one, I ride one, etc until the 9 hours are up.

Living the good life, team Climb High, Don't Die.