Thursday, December 24, 2009

Moved to Camp 2

Bob reports that they moved on up to Camp 2 at 17,350 feet above sea level today. About 4 hours of climbing in some stiff winds, averaging 20 mph and gusting to 45 mph. They had fun (not!) putting up their tents in the wind, but all is secure now. Bob was not sure of the actual temperature but the reported wind chill from a teammate was -19 degrees F. Brrrrr... 

Tomorrow they make a carry up to Camp 3 at around 19,000 feet. This next camp is supposed to be a more protected area, so they should not have to suffer the strong winds, at least not in camp. Bob is hoping that the weather does not get any worse, so that they can still make the carry tomorrow.

Bob's still healthy, sounds strong on the phone. He's not reporting any issues, so all systems are go.

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  1. Rob .. thanks for the update. Bob, a Merry Christmas in advance and good journey to you. NORAD Santa reported minutes ago a sleigh was over Everest ... it was funny seeing pictures with animation knowing I know someone who was there as well.

    Team Go Bob Go ... out !!!