Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting better at packing

Just checked in at the airport. One bag weighed 47.9 and the other
48.9, under the 50 pound mark.

Three flights to get to Mendoza, first Miami leaving at 12:50 arriving
at 3:30. Then to Santiago that leaves Miami at 8:20, 5 hours in a
crazy airport. From Miami to Santiago leaving at 8:20 PM until 6:45 AM
landing in Santiago. From Santiago at 9:30 am to Mendoza landing at
10:35 Sunday. Basically 22 hours of travel. This is pretty typical.

Carrying one magazine, one book and a travel book for Argentina. About
13 hours shoehorned in coach probably next to a 5 year old with a cold
and an ear infection.

All of this travel, 15 days of carrying weight uphill for 20 minutes
on the summit. Cleary this is about the journey.


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