Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting Ready

This week has been a whirlwind.  I made some lists and checked them twice to find out if I was forgetting something naughty or nice (festive theme).  I am 3 days away and I feel somewhat in control.  Earlier this week I emailed clients to make them aware that I am leaving so we can set up anything prior to my leaving.  That went well, not too many loose ends.  Other people at work are asking for last minute things, but they are easy.  Now I need to make sure the little things are done.  Argentina takes US dollars so not too worried about Argentine Pesos, but I always take some local money so I can buy little things on the street, like bottled water, that is not so little.

As fate would have it, part of my boiler on the new place broke, so I had to fix that.  There were little things to do on the property so the tenants are OK for a month without me.  The local neighbor is a handyman so I gave him a Gift card just in case he needed to fix something for a tenant, and David is a back up for anything major like the place burning down.  All I want is a clear mind and nothing nagging in the back so I can focus on my steps and the summit.

Working on the Sat Phone, Nikki and Greg sent me a charger so I am solid there, just cannot configure the phone right, working on that with the company.  It probably works great outside of the US, or I am an idiot.

I am really feeling focused right now.  My friend Kevin noticed something different in my voice so he asked me if something was off.  Part of it was a friend of mine told me he found out he has lung cancer so I think that has thrown me a bit.  Turns out that they think they have it in control, and I think he will be OK because of who he is, the eternal optimist and super nice guy.  I mention that because it is important to realize that every day on this planet is important, live your life with no regrets.

The mountain is only a few days away, and I am ready to go on the plane right now, work always gets in my way...I bought a lottery ticket so my troubles are over.  I just got back from the gym with a light workout and made a few purchases at the store, some power bars and super glue, never know when you have to close a wound.

My long time friend and climbing buddy Mike is coming into town for business and he and I will hang until I leave on Saturday, that gets me focused. My pee bottle arrived today, that was a close one.  Its like my American Express...don't climb a mountain without one.

Climb High, Don't Die.

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