Monday, December 19, 2011

Nicky and Argentinian Meat, last meal

Our last meal. Tomorrow we buy our permits and head to Penitentes to separate our gear for the mules. We will arrange our gear for base camp and the lower camps. Things like my parka and high altitude boots will go in one duffel and leave behind like street clothes in another.  The bags will meet us at the two camps, then base camp. We will have two lower camps before base camp.  At both of those camps we will get out our sleeping bags and mats along with a change of clothes where necessary every night.  Once we get to base camp our clothes that hiked in with will go into our duffelbags and make their way over to the other side of the mountain.

We did a gear check before dinner to make sure everyone had what they need. I loaned an extra pair of gloves to Andrew. Brandon and Nick did not get one of their bags. We shall see if it comes tomorrow, if not, they will have to buy some gear.

Tomorrow morning we will buy the permits for $800 dollars US then head out on a 4 hour drive to Penitentes.

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  1. mules and luggage....not sure that's a great combo...hmmm...