Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Camp 1

Heard from Bob last night. He was calling from Camp 1, to which they had moved yesterday. Camp 1 is at 16, 140 feet above sea level (higher than anything in the continental United States.) They carried about 50 pound packs on Christmas Day from Base Camp up to Camp 1 and then returned to Base Camp to sleep. This carry included about 2,400 vertical feet, which is a lot of vertical in one day. Yesterday, the day after Christmas, they moved camp up to Camp 1, carrying another 50 pound pack, but then settling in and getting comfortable.

Bob reports that the temperature is surprisingly mild, about 30 degrees F with a light breeze. The team all seems to be doing well. Bob says he does not have a headache at this altitude and he has a strong appetite. He said that Nikki is doing equally well. They are sleeping ok, and Bob seemed in very good spirits.

The plan is for the team to make a carry up to Camp 2 today, another1,500 feet higher than Camp 1. Tomorrow (Wednesday) they will move camp up to Camp 2, on Thursday they will make a carry to Camp 3, and Friday will be a rest day. All dependent a little bit on the weather, of course, but for now all looks good.

Bob said that the team appreciates all your good wishes and thoughts. He'll call again when he can.



  1. Great news ... Bob's leading morning camp cheers by now I'd bet!

  2. Thank you for the report. Checking dialy. My brother is on the climb. Cathy Funk Kelley

  3. Glad to hear from you Bob...have a great day on Wednesday! your favorite sister MB

  4. Darn it!! Steelers won, Browns lost- I am releasing the Sherpa....CH-CH-CH-CHIA


  5. Bob - love that your Mom is following... Coolness abounds in pgh

  6. Can't wait until you get the webcam installed at the top! Bynum