Friday, December 23, 2011

Base Camp!

Heard from Bob just a few minutes ago. The team arrived safely at Base Camp this afternoon, altitude 13, 470 feet above sea level (ASL). They have walked 24 miles in the three days since they started at the trailhead, around 8,500 feet ASL. Today was the hardest day of vertical, Bob said, as they gained about 2,450 feet of elevation just today.

Temperature in Base Camp is about 30 degrees F, with constant breeze and winds gusting up to 20 MPH. Not too bad yet, Bob said, right before he said he needed to put his gloves to hold the phone.

Everyone is healthy, he said. He and Nikki have a very low grade headache, no big deal, and they expect that it will pass by tomorrow. Appetites are good, and everyone looks forward to a rest day tomorrow. I could hear Nikki laughing in the background of the phone call. Bob reports that the entire team is getting along and enjoying each other's company.

On Sunday (Christmas Day) the team will carry a load up to Camp 1 and cache it, then return to Base Camp. On Monday they will move camp up to Camp 1.

Next report when Bob next calls. (mjs)


  1. Thanks for the update!! Exciting to be making progress.

  2. Thanks for the update. My friend Andrew is on the team. Good to hear everyone is okay.

  3. Please let them know we're "with them" and wishing them more fun!