Sunday, December 18, 2011

Made it to Argentina

All is well in Argentina.  It is going to 100 degrees down here today so that is a switch.  Night time it will be about 70 degrees.  I had to take a nap due to the travel hours and being shoehorned into an airplane seat for 13 hours total, now I am ready to hit town.  A few things I will pick up, deoderant, and toilet paper, those items did not make the trip. You can check out the gear list that is on the links to the side within full trip information.

Tonight we will start to congregate and get to know whoever is already here so we can begin to bond as a team.  It is always very interesting to see who gravitates to whom.  The worst thing to do is end up with a tent mate that is not like you, that is just another stress rock added to the pile.  Luckily I have Nikki so I am totally fine.

Off to the streets of Mendoza.

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