Monday, August 13, 2012

Update from Russia

This is Mike writing here. Yes, we were all starting to worry about Bob and Nicky, but I heard from Bob via email this morning. He wrote:

"I have some stories for you with crazy Russians; found one close enough to your Svetlana.  We could not summit, super high winds, came down after getting to 16,041 of the 18,850 summit.  The team wanted to try again the next day, I opted not to go since winds were projecting higher, they turned at the same spot as the day earlier.  No summit due to winds up to 90 kilometers an hour. Thanks for your support, all is good otherwise."

So, Bob and Nicki are off to Amsterdam where they can celebrate Bob's birthday in fine international style tomorrow. I haven't gotten the resolution of the baggage story either, so hopefully Bob will post here soon with more details.

Happy Birthday, dude!


  1. HAPPY 46th BIRTHDAY little brother !!!! Wise decision about the 90 mile an hour winds...oh to spend your birthday in Amsterdam !!! Sounds great. Glad to hear you are both fine! Have a safe trip home...
    your favorite sister

  2. Glad you're safe, happy birthday!

    Glad you're both safe, happy birthday!
    God bless you, love, mum.

  3. Love the decision making! Sorry no summit, but enjoy Amsterdam.

    Happy birthday