Tuesday, July 31, 2012

On the way to Russia

Hello everyone, I am on the way to climb Elbrus in Russia with Nicky Messner, we are pretty excited.  Our last climb went pretty well so we hope we can keep our good fortune in our packs up the North Side of Elbrus.  Here is the company and route we will be taking.  There are mineral springs high up in these mountains, something different for a mountain climb.  Hopefully we can jump in after our summit attempt.

Yes it is partially supported, which is a nice bonus, however the summit day is a 6,000 foot attempt.  This will be the largest summit attempt for both of us.  I have done 4,000 and that was a long day, this will be a pretty good challenge.

This time I will not be taking my cell phone, or sat phone which is like it was when I first started climbing.  I am actually excited to have quite time on the hill. No phone, no email, no outside information...will I survive?

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